Gore-Tex TransRockies Run

'Round these parts, the heavyweight events are often three digits long: 100 miles or more. My latest journalism experiment involves one of the classics here in our back yard -- the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run, a 118-mile footrace across the Continental Divide from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek. Although the true badasses of the world would run that far in a single push, we're getting six days and averaging about 20 miles each stage.

I'll be doing the race with a local friend named John Cutroneo, fishing the waters we follow after each day's stage, and chronicling our experience for ESPN Outdoors, which is publishing a three-part series a week or two after it's over. These two photos are from our final training run this week, a circumnavigation of Buffalo Mountain in the Gore Range.

Posted on 21 Aug 2010 by devon
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