Half a harsh winter
It's been a traumatic season for the North American ski community. A lot of passionate and beloved human beings have passed away from accidents directly tied to their lifestyle, which began and ended with skiing. It's enough to make you question the sport itself. I've been doing a bit of that, with mixed emotions. In the end I believe it's a choice we make. You can't embrace the mountain life without accepting a very real vulnerability. It is the hardest part of seeking out this peace. You must be ready to be hurt at any time, physically, emotionally, or both. And if you're not ready, brace yourself, because it comes like a freight train.

Of course, the same environment that takes, also gives. In that spirit, here are some photos from this half a harsh winter. These represent joy to me.

Whitewater, British Columbia.

Golden, B.C.

The ski run above our town.

Two casts, one X Games gold medal. (Photo by Josh Duplechian)

Powder plays a big role. (Photo by Alex Fenlon)

Friends do too.
Posted on 22 Feb 2012 by devon
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